15 Mar

“The statistics are clear: Kids who dine with the family are healthier, happier and better students, which is why a dying tradition is coming back.”

—Michael Ellins
Time Magazine


I am passionate about family time–meal time, game time, discussion time, prayer time. My family connects almost daily around our table, and I hope this blog helps yours do the same thing! We’ll feature family friendly meals that come together in a hurry, entertaining ideas (so that others can enjoy being around your table too), and hopefully thought provoking ideas to make your family time more meaningful.

A litle bit about myself and our family: I am the wife of the love of my life, and mother to two delightful, smart and funny grown children (both of whom we are blessed to have still living at home with us). I am an independent sales director with the nation’s largest direct seller of kitchen tools and have enhusiastically shared their products with other families for over 12 years. My heart belongs to the One who made this amazing life of mine possible, and I treasure my friendships and the impact that everyone in my life has made to develop me into the person I am today.

This blog will be a LOT about fun! And I love love love new ideas for cooking and entertaining. Please feel free to post some ideas or just email me with them when you come across something you think is cool or fun. If I use it, I will send you a free little gift from me!

So stay tuned, and welcome to Whosaroundthetable.



“The statistics are cl…

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  1. Patti van Voorts

    March 15, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    You’re off to a great start. Can hardly wait to see how it develops.


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